23 febrero 2024

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This article highlights the benefits of cycling with a keen interest in reviving for us the use of cycling – an eco-friendly activity- that not only propagates a physically fit but also a mentally healthier society

In a rapidly growing technological and industrial world that has greatly impacted the lives of every man in all the possible ways, among these changes, one of the major impacts created for us is on the modes of transport. Our means of traveling have been devastatingly affected by these industrialized transformations.

Research shows that during the past century, transportation based on physical activity such as cycling has taken a massive low hit due to the rise in the use of automobiles. Hence, this declination in physical exertion has increased the diseases and dangers in our everyday life.

Cycling, one must understand, is not only a low-impact exercise that causes little to no physical or mental strain for us. It is a fun-loaded, peace-inducing, and physically, mentally, and environmentally healthy practice that prolongs man’s life.

Whether you are a cyclist or striving to become one, going through the following benefits will enlighten and interest you to adopt this sport for sure!

Cycling: A Wholesome Wonder

Consistently riding a bicycle every 2-4 hours a week can help you achieve improved health. Cycling must be promoted in your everyday life as it is beneficial due to several reasons:

Easy: It is a very easy sport compared to other strenuous sports that require a great level of physical exertion. Most people are aware of riding a bike, and if not, they can learn it easily. Once you know how to cycle, you never forget it.

Time-effective: It efficiently replaces the sedentary time spent driving cars, vans, and other vehicles with a health enhancing exercise time.

Less impact: It leads to fewer injuries and strains than other grueling exercises.

Intense as you want: It can be done at your desired pace. It can be done at low intensity in the beginning or case of recovery from any injury or illness. However, the speed and time of bicycling can be enhanced according to the demand of your physical workout.

Adventurous sport: It is a fun and adventurous way to exercise, get fit and stay healthy. Cycling outdoors can help you freshen up your mind and body. It is more likely that people enjoy cycling regularly in outdoor environments compared to indoor environments that bound a person according to time and place. You can even participate in cycling races or events happening worldwide.


Health Benefits of Cycling

World Health Organization (WHO) recommends that adults carry out the moderate aerobic physical exercise for at least 150 minutes each week.

The cyclists are already enjoying the perks of this sport, but for people who don’t cycle, here are some health benefits to push them toward this activity.

Improved Mental Health

Cycling not only uplifts your mood when you are out and about in the natural setting, but it is also a fantastic workout that keeps you bodily active and your spirits more than alive round the clock.

It improves the level of fitness and well-being of an individual by releasing happy hormones, reducing the levels of depression or stress/anxiety in the body. It can help you reduce and overcome mental health conditions such as stress, depression, anxiety, and panic attacks.

Being outdoor, riding a bike, enjoying the view, and doing some physical exertion can take your mind off negative and depressive thoughts. Overall it can help in improving the mental health of a person.

If you cycle at the rise of the sun, not only do you attain the maximum levels of the serenity of mind, but it also helps you to develop high levels of mental strength. This assists in fighting the negative/stressful energies in your life.

Management of Obesity and Weight

Physical exercises help you to control obesity effectively and reduce body weight. One of the easy and good ways to do it is through cycling. It helps in weight loss as this type of physical exercise increases metabolic rate, burns fats of the body, and helps build muscles.

Combining this sport with a healthy diet plan can help you lose weight and burn calories. Research has indicated that we should burn a minimum of 2000 calories per week through physical exertion.

Riding a bicycle helps us effectively burning of 300 calories per hour. Hence, regular cycling can be good for controlling obesity and managing body weight.

Better Lung Health

According to research, cardiovascular health is significantly improved by cycling at least 170-250 minutes each week. Breathing in the fresh air by cycling outdoors can enhance your lung health. It is equally important for both people with and without any lung disease.

Reduced Cardiovascular Diseases

Cardiovascular Diseases include heart attack, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, stroke, etc. The risk of these various cardiovascular diseases is reduced by cycling. This causes stimulation and improvement of blood circulation, heart, and lung functioning.

Our heart muscles are strengthened by cycling, pulse rate is lowered, and body fat is reduced. The incidence of occurrence of heart diseases efficiently declines.

Reduced Risks of Cancer

Various research studies have evaluated the relationship between cancer rate and exercise. A few researchers have also indicated that cycling regularly positively reduces the chances of occurrence of bowel cancer. It also effectively decreases the rate of breast cancer.

Improved Diabetes Control

Diabetes type 2 is widespread and a serious public health concern. Physical exercise daily is advised to diabetic patients by doctors to improve their health and keep their illness under control.

Research has indicated that the risk of developing type 2 diabetes decreases by about 40% in people who cycle more than 30 minutes daily.

Better Physical Strength

Another health benefit of regularly cycling is the better physical strength of our body. Balance, coordination, and power of the human body are improved by cycling daily.

Mounting a cycle is the best exercise in case an individual has osteoarthritis, as this exercise is low-impact, easy, and puts minimum stress on the body joints. The muscles are strengthened, and physical fitness is attained.

Improved Brain Activity

Cycling also improves the human brain’s balance, coordination, and working power. This form of physical exercise causes stimulation of the motor regions in the CNS (Central Nervous System). It leads to the activation of your cerebral cortex, which helps improve motor balance and learning.

Experts greatly recommend this exercise to those with walking problems or balancing issues. This activity helps a person improve the stability of their core (CNS), improves brain functioning, and boosts their health. 

Environmental Benefits of Cycling

Reduction in Air Pollution

Studies have proven that riding a cycle instead of commuting through any automobile promotes a healthier environment and a safer community to breathe in. It can reduce the emission of toxic pollutants into the air.

It is a sport that does not cause the combustion of fuel that could result in the health hazard emissions of carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, or nitrogen oxide, which become the direct or indirect sources of dreadful diseases like cancer, etc.

Cycling -a pleasure-inducing activity- is an eco-friendly activity that not only helps drop greenhouse gas emissions, as the studies show but also plays a great role in reducing the carbon footprints, which otherwise are commonly at the peak when fuel-burning vehicles are used.

Reduced Traffic Congestion

The use of cycles on the roads makes the roads seem less populated and give a pleasant breathable look. Using cars and other vehicles on the streets cause heavy traffic congestion. However, this can only be minimized through cycles that promisingly create a safer and more robust environment for us.

Preservation of Habitats

Studies demonstrate that cycling manifests its longer-run benefits for the environment and reduces the excessive need to clear land for parking lots. On the parking space of one car, 5-15 cycles can easily adjust, whereby our need to free up overabundant land by cutting down trees or disturbing the habitats drops down to NADA!


On a concluding note, it is safe to state that cycling should not only be promoted as an exercise that physically nourishes your body but is also an activity for people of all ages, young or old alike, that replenishes their mental processes providing a healthy and sound mind in a fit and good body.

It is a suitable exercise and a refreshing activity that you can incorporate into your daily lives to stay healthy. Wearing your helmets, keeping a check on gears, and choosing a comfortable cycle for yourself and a secure environment to cycle around are a few significant precautions that a cyclist should always take care of.

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